A Prayer for Rough Times…

Father God,

You reign. Thank You for the constant knowledge that You reign. You are Lord over all creation, over all space and time. You are a light in the darkness, providing a path for us to walk through it. There is nothing else we need, nothing else that will comfort but the knowledge of You and who You are. You are good, just, faithful, and true. You sent Your Son to die for us, and will freely give us all things. You reached out to us and called us to Yourself when we did not look for You and were your enemies. Now You have adopted us as Your very own sons and daughters. We have an inheritance with Your Son Jesus, and You will never leave us or forsake us.
Because of all this we can say and mean “Your will be done.” Because we know who You are, we trust You in all things.

Be who You are, Father. have Your way in all these situations. You have heard our cries, and will rescue us.

Praise You for who You are! to You be all honor and glory and praise. Amen.


One thought on “A Prayer for Rough Times…

  1. Do you know, brothers, what great things are to be had for the asking? Have you ever thought of it? Does it not stimulate you to pray fervently? All heaven lies before the grasp of the asking man; all the promises of God are rich and inexhaustible, and their fulfillment is to be had by prayer.

    Charles Spurgeon

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