Prayer Request

Thank you so much to all of you that have been praying for me. As Erunner put it, the cloud has been lifting, most dramatically after my doctor increased the dosage on my latest medication. It’s a process, and I hate that, but we do seem to be making forward movement.

I’m asking you now to please pray for my family. My maternal grandmother (Lois) is in the hospital dying as we speak. The doctor has told us that it’s going to be a matter of hours or days. It’s a tough place to be, because I don’t really know how to feel. Of course, I will miss her and she will be gone from all of our lives. But, on the other hand, she hasn’t been herself or happy in a long time, and her physical health has been deteriorating rapidly over the last 5-6 months. We know she’s a believer and that she’s going to be with Jesus and her suffering will be over when she goes.

Please pray for my mom (Debbie, Lois’s daughter), my dad (Randy, aka OkiePreacher), my sister Naomi, and of course for my grandmother. Especially that she would have peace. I guess you’d better pray for me too. I’m not sure how her passing would affect my mental health, and I’m not too keen on finding out.

Thank you so much in advance.


3 thoughts on “Prayer Request

  1. Rachel, When it was clear my father was close to death, I was terrified because I didn’t know if I would have the mother of all panic attacks.

    In my life, tears bring me peace quite often. What I did was I pulled out photo albums with pictures of my father and looked at them and I wept.

    When the news came that he had passed, I cried but what I feared did not happen. God allowed me to make the 80 mile drive to be with my mother and I got to eulogize my father at his funeral.

    I pray that you will experience even a greater peace than I did. I also pray for your entire family as you all walk through the next several days.

  2. Sweet Rachel,

    I am praying for you. May our loving Lord hold you close, may He fill you with peace, may He comfort you as only He can. Praying this and more for you.

  3. thanks so much, e and d. 😀 we all appreciate your prayers so much, and i know that the peace the Lord is giving us is in response to your prayers. i love you both.

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