New Prayer Request

So, now the weather forecast is looking like it’s going to start icing today, and stay that way until Wednesday sometime. Normally, this would be a blessing, as I could take a few days off work, but there’s the small matter of that doctor’s appointment of mine on Tuesday. I don’t know how I am going to make it if I can’t make that appointment. That’s the biggest thing that has kept me hanging on for the last few days: I have to give this appointment a chance. Now that I feel that chance being pulled away…the grip I have already felt slippery…

Please pray that somehow the weather forecast would be wrong and I’ll be able to go to that appointment on Tuesday.


One thought on “New Prayer Request

  1. Rachel, Dang weather!! You have made it this far and God will see you along even farther. You have demonstrated your heart for Him and all we can do is trust Him if the doors seem to be slamming. I do pray you will be able to make this appointment Tuesday but for any reason if you can’t, know we are praying for you. These guys should make house calls! 🙂 God bless you Rachel.

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