Dr. Appointment Update

Well I couldn’t make my appt yesterday. The roads were impassable and the doctor’s office was closed. I’m rescheduled now for 2/6 at 1 p.m. I don’t know how I’m going to last another week and a half but what choice do I have? I should be grateful, though, since the first appointment the wanted to give me wasn’t until 2/12.


3 thoughts on “Dr. Appointment Update

  1. You know. You are incredible stubborn girl. I love you tons but I would say this woudl be the perfect time to strip all your clothes off and go throw yourself in the snow / ice fo r some serious who gives a crap? I mean seriously what are they going to say your crazy? Girl you are in a seriously need of some liberation. The answer is to your question before: there is no answer. You are the only person who possess that information. God and people are your tools. If you haven’t figured it out yet, your alive because you got shit to do. If life was just this pile of crap than you wouldn’t be here and all this crap would be a mood point. Don’t allow yourself to settle for such a quip. Ending things in such a manner is an end to the means but it doesn’t mean the ending is as good as you’ll remember. You might want to think about that. What will you remember from the experience. I think that in itself is way more powerful than anybody gives it credit for.

  2. Rachel, I’m sorry you missed being able to go in yesterday but from what I have seen on the news the weather is really terrible in your area.

    You are in mine and others prayers. Maybe distractions aren’t such a bad idea? 🙂 God bless you Rachel. Allan

  3. Rachel, Pray you are doing better. When you’re up to it myself and others are wondering if you were able to make your appointment. God bless! Allan

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