“How Are You?”

Does anyone else out there have trouble with the question “how are you?”

Sometimes when I am asked this question, I feel pressured. I know that the person asking doesn’t want to pressure me, but I sometimes feel like they’ve asked me so many times, the answer should be “better” or maybe they are sick of hearing “I’m still sick/depressed/etc.”

Then there are the times when people ask me this question and I’m not comfortable enough with that person to tell them the truth. “I want to die” isn’t something you tell just anyone. And even if you can tell that person, sometimes the venue isn’t right. For example, when they ask you in the church foyer between services, or during the handshake minute during the service.

Am I the only one that struggles with this?


2 thoughts on ““How Are You?”

  1. Scampering to see if I’ve asked “how are you?” recently. šŸ™‚

    I love it when you are crossing paths with someone and they ask you that question but the hilarious part is they keep walking before I can dump on them!

    For me it depends on who’s doing the asking. If somebody knows me it won’t usually be a “how are you?” but that and a bit more based on our relationship.

    So happy to see you posting. God bless!

  2. Actually, the comment “How are you?” in our society has came to mean exactly nothing more than an informal greeting. It really is hypocritical as the person who is asking typically has no real interest in how you are (IMHO); their just being polite.

    When I ask that question, I care and I want to hear; and if it is bad and I can help, I will. If I can’t, I’ll pray.

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