Dr. Appointment Recap

Thank you all for your prayers. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. The doctor really seemed to listen to me and to want my participation in the process of deciding what meds to try, etc. I am a little concerned because the office looks really busy, and if I have to wait a long time every time I come in, that’s going to be an issue for me. Plus, I want them to take the same kind of time/attention with me as an existing patient as they did with me as a new patient.

The doctor put me on 3 meds: two mood stabilizers and an antidepressant. I’ve tried one of the mood stabilizers before and while it didn’t really help, it didn’t hurt and I lost 20 lbs. I’m hoping to lose again. That would be sweet as I really need the weight loss. I am hopeful about the antidepressant as depression is the predominant feature of my illness.

I am concerned about the 2nd mood stabilizer, though. It appears to be causing significant morning drowsiness for me, and that cannot continue. I have to go to work in the morning. It’s so odd because 14 hours after taking the med (I take it with dinner), I’m having a very hard time waking up in the morning. I’ve got some feelers out to see if it might get better with time, but I’m pretty afraid to take it tonight, since I have to go to work in the morning, and I have to get up 2.5 hours earlier than I do on the weekends.

I’d appreciate your prayers for wisdom as I try to figure out how to handle this med.


2 thoughts on “Dr. Appointment Recap

  1. Rachel, This sounds like a good first step for you. As you are well versed on the various meds you will be able to more actively participate in your treatment.

    Will be praying for good things to result from this first and quite delayed, first step.

    UMMMM… What’s the name of the med that causes you to lose weight! šŸ™‚

    God bless!

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