Menial Tedium

So, I had my first follow-up appointment with the new doctor yesterday. Bottom line is he wants me to give this combination of medications four more weeks to see how they do and then come see him, so I have another appointment on March 17th at 4:20 p.m. I can live with this. It takes time for these meds to reach full effectiveness, and I understand that.

But…I sort of felt like he didn’t really let me express some concerns that I had (I feel like I’ve been really crabby in the last 4 days or so, and a few other things). I’m not worried enough that I want to drop him, but it’s a red flag.

He did encourage me again to get some counseling and today I contacted a doctor. She works in the same technique (EMDR) as the therapist I saw in Austin, and not having much else to go on, I went with that. I spoke with the lady that does her scheduling today and she’s as sweet as she can be, so that’s encouraging. She said she’d call me tomorrow with an appointment time.

And there’s your nuts and bolts update. 🙂


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