All Signs Point to Awesome

i think i can safely say that adderall is the bomb for me. no side effects, no mania. nothing but good times. it’s so good it’s a bit scary: what if it doesn’t last? what if i go into mania? but it all seems to be good. i took it 6 days last week (monday through saturday) and felt great. no physical side effects: no heart racing, no trouble sleeping, no stomach upset or headache. and no emotional/mental side effects: no mania, no irritability or anxiety. then, because my doctor said to stop when my depression lifted, i stopped taking it. sunday i was fine, but yesterday i crashed hard around 9 am or so. it was awful.

so, i talked to my therapist about it at my appointment yesterday afternoon. she made me call my psychiatrist right away. she also validated what i’d thought: since this adderall worked so quickly and so well with no side effects, maybe i’ve got some kind of ADHD going on. she told me i should see my psychiatrist earlier and tell him all that i told her about my experience on this med. so, i called, got an appointment a week earlier (on april 3) and told them i wanted to start taking the adderall again. still haven’t heard back from him, but i took the adderall this morning again. it took a few hours to kick in this morning but once it did it totally turned everything around.

i can hardly believe it! this might be it! something might actually work!


One thought on “All Signs Point to Awesome

  1. Rachel, I have no clue how this all works but why take you off of a med that was doing such an amazing job? I’m sure there is an answer and if you can, maybe you will share the doctor’s reasoning behind having you stop. You’re in my prayers. Allan

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