I may have spoken too soon. Today I am not doing well. Not sure what’s wrong but trying real hard to not freak out and think the sky is falling. Im scared though. What is I’m like one of those patients in Awakenings that is better for just a short while and then the med stops working?

I’m hoping desperately that it’s just a bad combo of being sick (it seems dad gave mom and me a stomach bug), not enough sleep, stress at work, and just plain being afraid of never getting better.


4 thoughts on “Whoops?

  1. Rachel, That’s the fun of having your own blog. You can say whatever you want! I’m going with the combination of things going on with you right now.

    It seems the effects of the new med were quick and efficient. Hopefully a little tweaking here and a little tweaking there will stabilize things for you.

    I’m saddened that you are having these ups and downs and will pray they will stabilize and God would do amazing things in your life. God bless! Allan

  2. Rachel,

    I don’t comment very often but have been keeping up with your posts through my RSS reader.

    I also am sorry you’re having to deal with these ups and downs…but I am happy that you are choosing to work through it in part by blogging about it.

    I have my own bouts with depression, and times when I feel melancholy and sad for no reason at all, and I’ve taken that to my facebook page, and a couple of other places. Not everyone got it, but not only did I get encouragement from some people, it felt good to open up about what I was feeling.

    It also helps a lot when someone else talks about it, because I know I’m not alone, and it helps me process what I’m dealing with.

    I wanted to encourage you that you’re doing a good thing here. It takes guts to be honest about this sort of thing publicly, and not only do you have guts, but you’re doing something that can help a lot of other people in the same situation you and I are in.

    Hang in there, sister…God is good, Jesus is Lord and He is looking out for you. Good things are ahead for you!

  3. thanks, fellas. i really appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

    brian, i can’t imagine how i’d be encouraging anyone right now but praise God for it!

    how are YOU doing?

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