update-ito (a.k.a. mini-update)

i forgot to update you guys. so, i think it was just illness, etc. messing with me. not to get too gross, but i had a stomach bug so i don’t know that i was getting the full benefits of my medication, if you catch my drift.

things seem to be going well the last few days so, yay. still hoping it will stick.

real update to come soon. i’ve written a lot of it down on paper, just haven’t had time to put it to a post yet.


2 thoughts on “update-ito (a.k.a. mini-update)

  1. Hi Rachel!

    Been some time since I’ve checked in on you. Last I did you hadn’t posted in awhile. Sorry to hear about your struggles with the meds. I so relate. I made a change to adderall some time back as well. For me the combo is a small dose of Seroquel at night to shut the brain down and keep the manic edge off, then a pretty good dose of Adderall in the morning. Still taking the supplement form of Lithium as well. But, the struggle getting to the stability of this mix has been quite the journey. Still some underlying depression, but that is mostly about real circumstances (the consequences of manic episodes). Tried different anti-depressants but with either no effect or bad side effects. The one I really felt great mentally on produced an opposite result of Prilosec(acid reducer), not good, didn’t have any idea the stomach could produce that much acid.

    Glad to hear though that this episode seems to be just actual illness and not med problems. And yes that will definitely reduce the amount your body intakes, as well I’m sure as just causing negative feelings and such because you feel like dirt.

    Reading the last several posts as well, I can soooooo relate to the lack of concern/urgency some display. I praise God He’s given me both a great Doctor(a very outspoken Christian), as well as a great Psychiatrist (the Lord’s even working on him through me).

    Just remember to turn to the Lord in those times of struggle. I know, it’s the only place you feel like you can at times. He’s always there for us. I know you know it. Just a reminder. He’ll use these times to enlarge your understanding of Him. If we would but let these “pressures”(circumstance) shut us in to Him, rather than shut us out from Him, He will use them to increase your fullness in Him. Just as Paul and Silas found the prison gates could only shut the world out and shut God in; so their prison , instead of cramping them, released them into greater fullness. God also let trial upon trial press upon Job, but they only pressed him to God’s goal.

    Praise God one day we will receive a new body, unaffected by the curse and incorruptible. For now though, another thing to keep in mind with the Adderall, make sure you’re eating healthily, and taking vitamins/supplements, methamphetamine not only makes you not hungry, but zaps your body of essentials it needs. Don’t keep up on it and it’ll catch up, quick. But, I’ll tell ya, it’s been a definite part of the solution for me. I took it for ADHD for 3 years before. Had great effect, but the longer term side effects from the sucking every bit of nutrition from my body caught up and I decided to go off it. In hindsight, there were starting to be a number of hypo-manic symptoms rearing their ugly heads. Being off of it, I could just never get it back together and a year later crashed into that deep dark place I know you know all to well. I’d been down there before, but always found the ladder out in a fairly reasonable time. But after months I was still just paralyzed and then finally figured out the bipolar aspect.

    You are often in my thoughts. I pray this mix will be you’re answer. Maybe some tweaking, but that overall it will bring you back to stable function long term. Sorry, got a bit wordy. I tend to be anyway. Adderall makes it more so. It doesn’t bother me. But it is a nuisance to others I’m sure. So, even in that, He is teaching me to just hold my tongue and realize when I’m showing signs of diarrhea of the mouth 🙂

    Take care sister! And keep your eyes on Him and not the circumstance. He will get us through these struggles and all others as well, strengthening in the process.

    In His Grace and Truth,


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