One Example of One Reason the Church Has Lost it’s Impact

Warning: graphic and disgusting talk in this video.

I’ve got no issues with the last 30 seconds of this post. but the rest of it makes me want to vomit, or shake someone.

Jesus died for the church so that we could know HIM. So that we could each live out His incarnational ministry. If you are going to use Him as the model then get with the program and realize that he spent 3 years pouring his life into 12 guys, knowing one of them would betray Him. don’t you think they KNEW their pastor?

I know that depending on the size of your congregation, it’s not possible that the pastor could visit everyone that’s in the hospital. but he could send an elder on his behalf. or a deacon. or make sure someone could go to minister. I’m not saying that pastors have to sacrifice their families to ministry, but they are called to sacrifice their lives, as Jesus did.

The tone of this video sickens me. It’s self-centered, not God oriented. It’s flippant and callous about caring for the sheep which was Jesus’ highest concern. And what does it model for the congregation? It says “your family is important, so you can blow off your obligation to love and serve the brethren. After all, that’s what the pastor does.” This creates sick, vapid, empty, shallow, self-centered, me first churches.

Do you want to know why believers, let alone nonbelievers, would rather spend Sundays resting, watching football, etc. It’s because of these kinds of attitudes. If the church isn’t going to be more than a group of people listening to some guy that doesn’t care about them talk about stuff that he doesn’t live out, football sounds better to me, too.


3 thoughts on “One Example of One Reason the Church Has Lost it’s Impact

  1. Wow! As a pastor’s wife I can’t even begin to understand his lack of interest in his people. I agree with you Rachel, this is one of the reasons the church is the way it is. This video breaks my heart for the people that attend his church.

  2. This guy should get out of the ministry ASAP. He has no idea what ministry requires, but I’ll spell it out for him in the simplest of terms: SERVANT

    Hopefully he can read…

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