well, i’m back in texas now.  after 2.5 years away, my 20 year love affair with this state continues.  i’m in a little town north of houston, and it’s so cute.  awesome old downtown full of unique antique shops and vintage/thrift stores.  i’m diggin that even though i haven’t explored much.

working at a starbucks here.  i was really worried that somehow all the drama at the OKC starbucks might have kept me from being able to transfer to another store, but God totally worked it out.  of course. why do i worry?  so far, i really like where i work, even though it’s much slower pace than my other store.  sometimes, it’s frustratingly slow, but i’m learning to embrace the slowness as maybe God’s way of slowing me down and easing me in.  the hardest part of working there:  i have to wear a hat every day.  that sucks.  but, really, it’s not that bad as a worst thing! 😉

the whole process of moving was so much more stressful than i ever could have imagined.  between the drama at work and all the work to do at home, and not being able to find anything cuz everything was in chaos, i was not fun to be around.  i think i’m getting a little better though!  i was also surprised at how it all impacted my illness.  i definitely saw that it was revved up and it was harder for me to deal with things.

but the good news is that God really helped me to see that things were getting funky early on, as opposed to not seeing it until i’m already in a total downward spiral.  just knowing that i was being impacted by my illness made it so much easier to deal with.  i’m so thankful that God is empowering me to deal better with the illness.

i’ve been on the same meds for a long time now and the combo really seems to be working.  i can’t believe how far i’ve come from a year ago, let alone from 2.5 years ago.  when i think of it, i’m so overwhelmed with gratitude for the Lord’s mercy and faithfulness in my illness.  it’s been hard, but i already see how he’s using it to sanctify me, which is so important to me, and to teach me lessons that i probably couldn’t have learned otherwise.

surprisingly, spending so much time feeling absolutely imprisoned by this illness has taught me more about the freedom of God’s glorious grace in his love toward me.  and i’m growing in understanding that and how to live it out, every single day.  what a priceless gift.

how are you doing?


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