pat robertson is dangerous

by now, most of you have probably heard of pat robertson’s latest gaffe, in which he says, to paraphrase, it’s ok to divorce your spouse if they have alzheimer’s disease and have forgotten who you are, because they’re basically dead already.

there are so many things wrong with this statement, this lack of logic, wisdom, sense! so much has been properly said in criticism of these statements. here are two of the best:

there’s not much i can add, except to say this: if divorce is ok in the case of alzheimer’s, where is it not ok? can i divorce my mentally ill wife who’s forgotten reality altogether? can i divorce my husband who has disappeared into his work? can i kick my quadriplegic spouse to the curb, because we can’t have sex anymore you know?
where does it stop? if someone with alzheimer’s is already dead, is euthanasia ok in that instance? think where that could take us!
i don’t know that robertson is mentally diminished, but i do wish that someone that loved him would put a muzzle on him.

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